Organic Pet Grass Tray

Every day, Remove the bottom tray without holes and set aside. Flush the top tray of wheatgrass with fresh water and let it drain completely. Put it back into the bottom tray and put it where your pet can easily find it.

Care for your cup of micro greens

  We are living plants and like to be warm and will thrive on your kitchen counter. We are done growing and ready to eat. We have the most flavor and highest nutritional value the smaller we are.

Trim the plastic sleeve at the root line or put the root ball into a cup. You should enjoy us before we need water.

How to harvest your plants.

Grab an individual plant by it's stem and pull it out. If you prefer you can cut it at the root line.

We are best harvested within four days after purchase.

Mr Micro DIY Kit Instructions

You will need: (1) 4 Oz juice glass (or similar container),

   waterproof craft glue and 1 Mr Micro kit

• Separate eyes, rubber bands, sock, wheatgrass and set aside.

Rehydrate coco fiber with water until moist.

• Put coco fiber into juice glass.

• Place wheatgrass seeds on top of fiber. (Optional: soak the seeds for 24 hours before planting)

• Cover top of glass with sock and pull it down the sides.

• Turn glass upside down. Gently slide glass off sock. Shake sock to form a ball with a tail.

• Use 1 rubber band to seal the ball that forms the head.

• Pinch and form a nose and secure it with other rubber band.

• Place him into the cup with the nose resting on the edge with the remaining piece of sock inside the cup.

• Remove the self-stick backing from the eyes. Use two dots of waterproof craft glue to attach the eyes. Allow to dry.

•Thoroughly moisten Mr Micro and fill cup with water.

• When he needs water, pour it into the cup. Never On Top of His Head

If you give him a haircut maintaining 6" of hair, he will keep you smiling for a long time.

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Mr Micro Assembly Instructions

Mr Micro assembly instructions