Mr Micro DIY Kit Instructions

You will need: (1) 4 Oz juice glass (or similar container),

   waterproof craft glue and 1 Mr Micro kit

• Separate eyes, rubber bands, sock, wheatgrass and set aside.

Rehydrate coco fiber with water until moist.

• Put coco fiber into juice glass.

• Place wheatgrass seeds on top of fiber. (Optional: soak the seeds for 24 hours before planting)

• Cover top of glass with sock and pull it down the sides.

• Turn glass upside down. Gently slide glass off sock. Shake sock to form a ball with a tail.

• Use 1 rubber band to seal the ball that forms the head.

• Pinch and form a nose and secure it with other rubber band.

• Place him into the cup with the nose resting on the edge with the remaining piece of sock inside the cup.

• Remove the self-stick backing from the eyes. Use two dots of waterproof craft glue to attach the eyes. Allow to dry.

•Thoroughly moisten Mr Micro and fill cup with water.

• When he needs water, pour it into the cup. Never On Top of His Head

If you give him a haircut maintaining 6" of hair, he will keep you smiling for a long time.

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Mr Micro Assembly Instructions

Mr Micro assembly instructions